Data-switch  Data Switch Boxes

   We offer a large selection of manual switch boxes including USB, DB9, HD15,

  DB15, DB25, CN36, Mini-DIN 4-pin, RJ11, RJ45, BNC, and IEEE488. Our switch boxes

  are economical in price and great for simple switching of commonly used data lines.

  Features a sturdy, shielded metal box and a user-friendly rotary switch.


Computer-cable  Computer Cables

   Big selection of computer cables for your computer: KVM, mouse and keyboard,

  internal Molex, Cisco, serial ATA, parallel printer, and ATX power cables. 


pc-toolkit  PC Tool Kits

   Our toolkit is a collection of tools that many of us use on a daily basis, packaged

  nicely in a vinyl zippered carrying case.


Power-Strips  Power Protection

  Our products include power strips and surge protectors.


kvm-switch  KVM-Switches

  The KVM switch allows a single keyboard, video display monitor, mouse and audio to

  be switched to access multiple computers. The switch provides more table space in

  addition to saving the cost of multiple keyboards and monitors.