Audio-Cable  Audio Cables

   We carry audio cables in various formats including stereo RCA, 3.5mm stereo,

   TOSLINK®, and XLR cable.


video-cabl  Video Cables

   We carry video cables in various formats including component video, s-video,

  composite video, and F-type cables.


Displayport-cables  DisplayPort Cables

   DisplayPort is a digital display interface standard, intended to be used primarily

   between a computer and its display monitor, or a computer and a home-theater



DVI-cables  DVI Cables

   High performance DVI cables allow you to connect PCs to flat panel displays, digital

  CRT displays, projectors and HDTV. Our DVI cables including the commonly used

  DVI-D dual or single link and DVI-I dual or single link. 


Fiber-Cables  Fiber Optic Cables

   Fiber has become the communications medium of choice for telephones, cell phones,

  CATV, LAN backbones, security cameras, industrial networks, just about everything.

  Fibers are used instead of metal wires because signals travel along them with less

  loss. We offer two types of fiber optic cable: multi-mode and single-mode fiber

  optic cable.


HDMI-cables  HDMI Cables

   HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as set-top boxes,

  Blue-ray players, DVD players, video game consoles, or AV receivers and an audio

  and/or video monitor. Now introducing High Speed HDMI with Ethernet!


Firewire-cables  IEEE-1394 Firewire Cables

   IEEE 1394 is an electronic standard for connecting devices to your personal

  computer. It is one of the fastest peripheral standards ever developed, which

  makes it great for use with multimedia peripherals such as digital video cameras

  and other high-speed devices like the latest hard disk drives and printers.


monitor cable  Monitor Cables

   VGA cable is a lead used for transmitting video signals. It is most commonly used

  to connect a computer to the monitor. All of our VGA cables are foil shielded to

  guarante that your devices will operate at their peak of performance.


Networking-cable  Network Cables

   Our high performance Ethernet patch cables are perfect for home and office

  network connection. It is ideal for connecting computers to routers, patch panels,

  cable modems, hubs, switches and wall jacks. Our network cables include Cat5e,

  Cat6, Cat6a Ethernet patch cables, shielded patch cables, crossover cables and

  bulk network cables.


Computer-cable  Computer Cables

   Big selection of computer cables for your computer: KVM, mouse and keyboard,

  internal Molex, Cisco, serial ATA, parallel printer, and ATX power cables.


Phone-cable  Phone Cables

   Our phone cable has gold-plated connectors for clearer communication. It is ideal for

  cost-saving voice and data applications not requiring high data rates.


Power-cable  Power Cables

   A power cord connects a device to electric power source or supply (outlet or power

  strip). Our products include standard AC power cords, power cord extension, AC

  power adapters, notebook power cords, and international power cord.


USB-cables  USB Cables

   We carry a wide variety of USB cables including Type A, B, mini-B and micro B that

  are used for connecting electronic devices such as printers, scanners, cellphones,

  PDAs or digital cameras to your computer or USB port. We also carry USB repeater,

  host link cable, and converter.  


Security-Camera-Cable  Security Camera Cables

   power video cable ensures that complete video frequency is transmitted resulting in

  minimum image distortion. This is a perfect fit for CCTV installation of security

  camera systems and is premium quality white-colored cable for neat installations. 


DB9-RS232-Serial-Cable  Serial Cables

   A serial cable is a cable that can be used to transfer information between two devices

  using serial communication, often using the RS-232 standard. Serial cables may use

  D-subminiature connectors with 9 or 25 pins, but other connectors are used.

  A specially wired cable used for connecting two similar computer serial ports directly

  is known as a null modem.