USB-30-cables  USB Cables

   We carry a wide variety of USB cables including Type A, B, mini-B and micro B that

  are used for connecting electronic devices such as printers, scanners, cellphones,

  PDAs or digital cameras to your computer or USB port. We also carry USB repeater,

  host link cable, and converter.  


USB-Adapter  USB Adapters

   We offer an extensive line of USB adapters and couplers for USB 1.1 and 2.0



USB 2.0 Hubs  USB 2.0 Hubs

   We offer an extensive line of USB 2.0 Hubs applications that offer easy plug-and-play

   connectivity to your USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices. It lets you easily connect your USB

   devices to your computer, such as an iPod or other MP3 player, digital camera, or printer. 



USB Converter Cable  USB Converters

   We offer an extensive line of USB converters applications that allow you connect parallel,

    serial, PS/2, audio and Ethernet devices to USB devices. Our selection offers the USB

    adapters and converters needed to bridge the connection and you'll find USB adapters

    and USB converters that can assist with audio and/or video. 



USB 2.0 Repeaters  USB 2.0 Repeaters

   It contains active electronics, which boost the USB signal for maximum reliability

   and performance over extended distances. It's plug-and-play with no additional

   drivers required.



USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter  USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter

   USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter is a cost-effective tool designed to quickly add an Ethernet

   10/100 Mbps port to your USB 2.0 enabled desktop or notebook computer.

   It allows you to instantly gain access to Internet and immediately start exploring

   on the web.



USB File Transfer Adapter  USB File Transfer Adapter

   The High-Speed USB File Transfer Adapter is ideal for those transferring important

   files to a new computer and also allows you to quickly transfer music or video files

   to a friend's computer. The High-Speed USB File Transfer Adapter is compatible and

   provides a direct computer-to-computer file transfer to save time.



usb-sharing  USB Sharing Switches

  The USB 2.0 share switch station allows you to share USB devices among multiple

  computers. Great for setups that require multiple computers sharing a USB Cable

  Modem, USB printer, scanner, ZIP drive, and/or other USB peripherals.



usb-keystone-jack  USB Keystone Jacks

   Use this snap-in keystone jack with a compatible wall plate to make it easy to wire

   USB data/power lines into walls. Perfect for print stations or organized laptop docks,

   this jack makes a USB installation clean and reliable. Wall plate sold separately.



USB-Dust-Cover  USB Dust Cover

   Our USB dust covers are perfect for protecting unused USB type A ports from dirt,

  dust, and other contaminants. Our covers come with a small handle to assist you

  in easily attaching and detaching the dust cover.